Breaking Glass in Rebel Strike

Discussion in 'Rebel Strike' started by SPokrandt, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. SPokrandt

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    (I'm not sure if I'm supposed to put this in Rebel Strike or Arena Build, but here goes.)

    So, I have a few questions regarding breaking glass in this game, but I'd like to give you an explanation for this first.

    I wanted to create a new arena project in /server arenabuild, and after hearing how Rebel Strike worked, I decided to start on a project for it.
    I had played a game on (another server, I don't think I'm allowed to say which one) that was identical (albeit not Star Wars-themed), so I had a good idea on how to make a map for it. I decided to try a backwards approach in strategy. All the buildings would be primarily made of stained glass blocks, so the "bomb" and enemy players would be easy to find. However, I worked on a redstone system to randomly open and close iron doors across the map; instead of the challenge being to find the bomb, the challenge would be finding a way to get to it.

    However, this afternoon, a SKrafty user (I'm not saying who, to be polite) told me that the guns used in Rebel Strike could break through glass, which completely breaks the system on my map. Does this glass-breaking mechanic only apply to glass panes, glass blocks, or both? Does this mechanic even exist?

  2. Shinyy

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    Yes. If you try shooting the glass panes on the other server's version of this game, that will work too.
  3. Shinyy

    Shinyy KH2FM Critical Gold Crown, Cloud|Marth|Fox main

    Unless I am mistaken.
  4. SPokrandt

    SPokrandt User

    Does it apply only to glass panes or does it work on solid glass blocks too?
  5. Shinyy

    Shinyy KH2FM Critical Gold Crown, Cloud|Marth|Fox main

    I don't think it works on blocks, but I haven't been able to try it.
  6. ChuckwagonJr

    ChuckwagonJr Helper, tsOP,

    I am sorry to say, that it does break panes and the full glass blocks.
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  7. Ghost3123

    Ghost3123 ACCESS DENIED

    There are still barriers.
  8. HotRod

    HotRod The Hotrod Family..

    Ghost is correct, and same with chuck
  9. nickelboy757

    nickelboy757 JediMaster. Airplane Builder.

    Hmm. What is the code for a empty mob spawner? Those could work.
  10. nickelboy757

    nickelboy757 JediMaster. Airplane Builder.

    Wait wait wait. Does it break STAINED glass?
  11. DBean

    DBean Dark Link (Shadow)

    Yes, it breaks stained glass, but what you could do is a barrier layer, then the glass, then another barrier layer so the glass is protected on all sides.

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