Is Annihilation still up?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Jflash12, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Jflash12

    Jflash12 Macro(cheating) hater/Soccer pro/PvP pro

    I have been wondering if Annihilation is still working. Please let me know if it is!
  2. BreakinAnkles435

    BreakinAnkles435 •Taller than Bad•

    Yes, it just takes 20 people to start, which would require a miracle most days.
  3. climbingcowboy

    climbingcowboy -=-=-=-=- SKrafty Helper -=-=-=-=-

    That "Seagulls stop it now" is kinda inapropriote plus your sharing a site..
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  4. LACTheHeroOfTime

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  5. LACTheHeroOfTime

    LACTheHeroOfTime Leary's OUO Apprentice

    That was random...
  6. BreakinAnkles435

    BreakinAnkles435 •Taller than Bad•

    It was his sig back in the day
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  7. LACTheHeroOfTime

    LACTheHeroOfTime Leary's OUO Apprentice

  8. benprog19

    benprog19 benporg19

    "Back in the day" Young child you can't use that phrase yet. xD
  9. BreakinAnkles435

    BreakinAnkles435 •Taller than Bad•

    "Young child" you sound like Bad now.
  10. benprog19

    benprog19 benporg19

  11. ToungeStik

    ToungeStik Forum derp | Possibly noted by Supere

  12. Shiny

    Shiny Skywalker, SK Helper, Eevee

    For a more recent answer to this question: Yes.
  13. I love this game just no one ever plays it...
  14. TuggleHome

    TuggleHome -=-=[Builder/PvPer/WorldEdit Specialist]=-=-

    because it takes 20 people to start lol
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