Nerf Knife (plz)

Discussion in 'Rebel Strike' started by Shinyy, Feb 8, 2018.


Should knives be nerfed?

  1. Yes, I don't like being one-shotted in the first round

  2. No, I wanna be a hero and stab everyone else

  1. Shinyy

    Shinyy KH2FM Critical Gold Crown, Cloud|Marth|Fox main

    Ok so it's fun to one-shot everything with the knife, but seriously, if you're lagging and get one-shot with the knife, it's not much fun because you can't do anything about it. Knife needs attack power seriously nerfed so that it's not able to instantly beat people just by stabbing them in the back.
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  2. TuggleHome

    TuggleHome -=-=[Builder/PvPer/WorldEdit Specialist]=-=-

    or SK needs better host servers
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  3. Logqn

    Logqn Just a chemical

    That's exactly how I feel about the Python in BattleRoyale
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  4. Wookiebear514

    Wookiebear514 ~~The Christian Nintenerd and TS-Op~~

    I keep seeing this thread and thinking it is talking about a a Nerf Knife...

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