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Discussion in 'Oasis' started by electronixguy, Oct 6, 2018.


Does SK need a new survival server?

  1. Yes

    20 vote(s)
  2. No

    3 vote(s)
  3. IDK

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  4. Larry

    6 vote(s)
  1. electronixguy

    electronixguy Mediocre Minecraft player, Car guy

    Please vote
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  2. Speedrix

    Speedrix Meif'wa

    It's not that we need a newww survival server it's just I think it would be better if it was rebooted instead
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  3. Fell_XV

    Fell_XV ESTP| Forums police | True Neutral

    Coughcough economy zone revamp thread cough cough
  4. Speedrix

    Speedrix Meif'wa

    Where tho?
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  5. Fell_XV

    Fell_XV ESTP| Forums police | True Neutral

  6. HBear21

    HBear21 Da Bear of Bears

    I really do think to start afresh in a new world would be great, but as of this moment, Oasis is overpowered and everything has been done on it. There really isn't much left to do. I would like them to at least reset Oasis completely. Personally, it would be nice if they would do it on 1.13, but that might be too much to ask.

    I used to play on Oasis all the time, it was pretty much the only thing I played on. Once Factions came out, Oasis just died even more than it had before. I love playing on survival mode, way more than creative. I also love playing with other people and Oasis was my favorite place to be on Minecraft in general. So I would love to see another friendly survival server up soon. It would make my day!
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  7. Wookiebear514

    Wookiebear514 ~~The Christian Nintenerd and TS-Op~~

    Eh, dont want them to reset a server, would like them to do a new one. But they probably should continue to wait for 1.14 at this point i guess lol
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  8. RoseGold321

    RoseGold321 Living Life To The Fullest

    I do think they need a new survival server, Oasis is very laggy for alot of people, and factions everyones base gets blown up one time or another XD
    I think it would be nice to have a new server :)
  9. The trap

    The trap DLN-000

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  10. Duel

    Duel I have a dabbing tree in my backyard. I love it.

    They should wait until 1.14 comes out, then make a survival server with that!
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  11. Logqn

    Logqn last of the pipboys

    you know if they make a new one it will be even worse than oasis' lag right?
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  12. Speedrix

    Speedrix Meif'wa

    I hope it's 1.14 or 15- ooooooo lag...
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