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    One In The Quiver


    What is this game about?

    It is a bow and battle type of game. It consists of a minimum of 8 players and maximum of 24 players. To play you must join the game from the lobby by right clicking the join sign at the wall. There are multiple join signs that allow you to join multiple arenas.

    • You spawn with one arrow a bow and wooden sword.
    • When you shoot your arrow you lose it.
    • When you defeat someone you get an additional arrow
    • First one to 20 defeats win.
    What’s the goal?

    The goal is to be the first one to 20 defeats.

    How do I get there?

    You can use the compass in any of the hub servers to navigate to all SKrafty games.

    Helpful Tips

    Its good to use your sword when u have no arrows. Attacking from behind is the best way to go in this game.
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  2. benprog19

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    I have a passion for this game... so #MakeOITQGreatAgain.

    plz xD
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    OITQ is broken. I went into it accidentally and it said I was spectating the match, but there was no one on...
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    So glad this game was fixed. I played it yesterday.
  5. benprog19

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    Is it? :O Different plugin or same plugin just no lag?
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  6. BreakinAnkles435

    BreakinAnkles435 •Taller than Bad•

    I have no idea tbh. It wasn't as laggy though.
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  7. benprog19

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