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  1. benprog19

    benprog19 benporg19

    What is Piratesalife?
    PiratesLife is a FFA Pirate themed game that consists of shooting other players with the guns that are given.

    Please make suggetions or reports in this thread. NOT IN THIS FORUM.

  2. flaming_pickles

    flaming_pickles Born in Madagascar, raised by lemurs

    Dunno if shooter games are appropriate, being that the mods don't allow us to talk about shooting people or blowing things up.
  3. benprog19

    benprog19 benporg19

    I was thinking the same thing when the Supers wanted this minigame. Although, most of the violence, in most fps games, involves real loooking guns, blood, etc..
  4. RachelBlocks

    RachelBlocks Ramen Warrior Gamer

    There should be a special treasure chest that spawns in a random place every once in a while and players have to race and fight to get there first.
  5. benprog19

    benprog19 benporg19

    There is a feature... not sure if the Supers know this.. But emerald blocks are healing stations.
  6. DoomFam

    DoomFam I'm AWarriorNamedBob the newby of forums age 11

    Maybe more kits like a sniper with one shot kill?
    Its really fun but knowing you fuji you can make it a lot better.
  7. benprog19

    benprog19 benporg19

    I think 1 shot kill would be a bit much... Players already do die in like 2 hits.... The guns need major modif... @superd767 @Supere
  8. LearyCrafter77

    LearyCrafter77 Conceited OUO KᎥng

    I don't rlly like pirates life- for the main reason- it needs a bigger map and a NEW map for that matter I don't like the current map at all... And try and reduce the lag plz! Not bein mean, just constructive criticizm
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  9. benprog19

    benprog19 benporg19

    No, I don't disagree with you. Tbh, I think the map needs to be a bit smaller and a different style.
  10. DoomFam

    DoomFam I'm AWarriorNamedBob the newby of forums age 11

    Ya but like 5 sec reload
  11. HotRod

    HotRod The Hotrod Family..

    Well, Fujeh. I have my first 1 cent on this.

    1. Please, please, fix the lag at the start of the game

    2. Add a treasure chest, players will race to it, if they reach it, it will make their gun better.

    3. Please add a new map.

    4. You shouldnt be able to team
  12. benprog19

    benprog19 benporg19

    1. The lag is probably teleporting... not sure what the source is.
    2. I only have certain guns available right now..
    3. New maps are player built. :)
    4. I can't control teaming :/ Unfortunately.
  13. HotRod

    HotRod The Hotrod Family..

  14. LearyCrafter77

    LearyCrafter77 Conceited OUO KᎥng

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  15. ChuckwagonJr

    ChuckwagonJr Mr_Wisedom

    What was that?
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  16. LearyCrafter77

    LearyCrafter77 Conceited OUO KᎥng

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  17. Mck

    Mck m♥c♥k♥

    More like rip
  18. PlezNu

    PlezNu I am boss. Well.. no im not.

    ._. when sk updates to 1.12 I want you to add parrots on peoples shoulders in game
  19. PinkyPie7

    PinkyPie7 The eldest Pie Sister (ISTP-T)

    I would like it if they fixed the “if you die, and you leave, and come back into the game you respawn” glitch. Its SUPER annoying, and I’ve almost come close to reporting people who did it, because they did it SO much, even though they were politely asked to stop MULTIPLE times.
  20. Mck

    Mck m♥c♥k♥

    make this alive... Please i see nu one playing ;-;
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