Rebel Strike

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    Rebel Strike
    Rebel strike is a game with two teams, Rebels and Imperials. The Rebels have to plant the EMP to attack the Empire. As an Imperial you must defuse the EMP using the Defusal kit. You can also use your blasters to eliminate the other team. The money you earn in game only lasts for that one game. You can use that money in the shop to buy Blasters, Gear and an upgraded Defusal kit. A single game consist of several matches and you will automatically switch sides. You will get nuggets at the end of this game.

    This game will automatically install a resource pack. ( Blaster textures by Supere )

    How do I get there?

    You can use the compass in any of the hub servers to navigate to all SKrafty servers. You can also get to the games from The Adventure Zone (TAZ).
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  2. Moon_cat_I

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    so is this game like cops and robbers? I heard that it kinda is xD
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  3. Pebuhcha

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    No its like Imperials vs. Rebels [Star Wars]
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  4. Moon_cat_I

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    oh.. welp for some reaosn I heard that its like cop and robbers xD
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  5. Pebuhcha

    Pebuhcha #2017TheYearThingsWereMadeRight

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  6. LearyCrafter77

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  7. Fuji

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    Fav Game.
  8. ChuckwagonJr

    ChuckwagonJr Older and Taller than BadWolf.

    I've played this quite a few times and it AWESOME.
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  9. Moncore_PvP

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    Best game EVER!!!!!!
  10. BreakinAnkles435

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    Awesome game. Shame it doesn't start
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  11. GeniusCyborg

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    CounterStrike baby! love it!
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  12. WolfBattleMaster

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    Cant join this game ;-; makes me crash
  13. ChuckwagonJr

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    We need to start playing this again.....
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  14. Tugglehome

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    Maybe if we had a map update they we would :p

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