RIP DragonAge

Discussion in 'Dragon-Age Factions' started by BadPuns, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. arcticcreeper2

    arcticcreeper2 Child of the Living God

    You still placed the TNT and I still hold you responsible for the tragic event. :p
  2. Granttx

    Granttx we'reallcutepotatoes

    Pfff whaaa?! :O
  3. Paxtoroni

    Paxtoroni └|°ε°|┐

    dragonage is prob the game i spent the most time in when it came out. I took it seriously. thanks to @Mctcac he rly helped me out a lot and gave me tips and stuff and let me join his fac. twas the good times
  4. Paxtoroni

    Paxtoroni └|°ε°|┐

    now im rockin my sugar cane farm with 12k :p
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  5. Granttx

    Granttx we'reallcutepotatoes

  6. Shiny

    Shiny Skywalker, SK Helper, Eevee

    rip dragonage. I never played it much, but it would be nice to give my condolences.
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