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Discussion in 'Sandbox' started by Mck, May 23, 2017.


Please fix rp gltich so it won't be no more!

  1. Yes what she said!

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  1. Mck

    Mck m♥c♥k♥

    Some people stil have Rp Glitch. and I always have the glitch when I delete a rp I got to wait a day before I can create another One. Can a super please fix it?..:-;
  2. Mck

    Mck m♥c♥k♥

    @SuperMom767 @superd767 @Supere
  3. benprog19

    benprog19 benporg19

    There is an update coming out fairly soon. When that update comes out we will probably reset all the RolePlays because of some issues involving the roleplays. This summer I will work on another update in which the files will load faster than they do currently. The glitched is probably caused because of slow files. I will let you know when it is fixed. :)
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  4. Mck

    Mck m♥c♥k♥

  5. LTB_Strax_Core

    LTB_Strax_Core [Aperture Science Device]

    When is this "update" coming?
  6. benprog19

    benprog19 benporg19

    Most of you know that the supers are travelling. We are in the very beginning of the testing stage
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  7. LTB_Strax_Core

    LTB_Strax_Core [Aperture Science Device]

    Whats wrong with sandbox? Why is it down?
  8. LearyCrafter77

    LearyCrafter77 Conceited OUO KᎥng

    Add a pls don't fix option 9u9
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