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    [​IMG]What is this game about?

    Survival Games is a free for all last man standing game. You start off on a spawn platform. Once there are 12 people a 30 second timer starts. When the timer ends a new 30 second grace period timer begins. Hurry and collect items from the chests for battle. Once the timer ends the battle has begun. Sometimes people team up to survive longer but in the end it is the last man standing that wins.

    If the game goes long it will automatically start a deathmatch. It starts with a 30 second timer. After the timer ends it teleports you to the battle zone. After the deathmatch ends the last player standing wins.

    To join you must right click the join sign on the wall when you first join the game. Once you’ve joined, you right click with the kits item to select a kit.

    What’s the goal?

    The goal is to survive. The last man standing wins the game.

    How do I get there?

    You can use the compass in any of the hub servers to navigate to all SKrafty games.

    Tips and tricks

    • You can use a fishing rod to knock your enemies away.
    • Some people think it’s a bad idea to go to the middle at the start of the game but it’s actually quite helpful.
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    That moment when someone just comes up behind you and slays you ...
    Or that moment when @Bobbyrocket33 uses killaura along with Trot. ;) <3
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    I have to admit, this game is awesome. A few days ago I won a round with 1 heart through the last fight and got more then half the kills in the game. XD

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