Wither boss

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ccjblockhead, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. ccjblockhead

    ccjblockhead I like SKrafty! =3

    In ignoring you now.
  2. blockhed25

    blockhed25 Timelords are awesome (like me)

  3. XxMCRGamingXx

    XxMCRGamingXx The Giraffe

    Wow.. Lol I don't THINK it will break claimed land, but you might want to check with someone who has fought it.
  4. legorangertmc

    legorangertmc -={Beluga President}=-

    This was entertaining
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  5. Fell_XIV

    Fell_XIV ISFP, tolerable forums police

    FYI ya'll should know what "pls help" threads like this don't belong in this section. They belong here in the "Player issues" if a mod is needed. This could easily be a status update. It would clear up the already-cluttered General section a bit, which would be lovely.
  6. Fell_XIV

    Fell_XIV ISFP, tolerable forums police

    Da heck? This is actually in the WW section but it was labeled as in General.. Welp. Nvm then.

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