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    Wither PvP

    A SKrafty Original


    Free For all:

    Wither PvP is a free for all game, Free for all means you are suppose to fight everyone and there is no team.

    How it works:

    You start by either right-clicking a mob or sign behind the mob then once you have picked one of the kits jump off the edge. *Don’t worry you will not take fall damage*

    You defeat people to gain points, 1 point per defeat.





    Wither Kit

    Get this kit by typing /wither
    or right click a mob.

    This is the basic kit and you get it for free.

    It includes the following items:

    • The Wither Blade
    Use it to PvP people.
    It does nothing on right click.

    • Shoot Wither Skull Staff
    Right-click to shoot wither skulls

    Magma Cube Kit

    Get this kit by typing /magmacube
    or right click a the mob.

    This kit cost 1000 points.

    • The Lava Blade
    You may fight with it or right click to throw a Magma Grenade

    • Shoot Fireball
    Right click to shoot a fireball.

    Super Wither Kit

    You can get it by typing /sueprwither
    or right click the mob.

    This kit cost 1000 points and you can FLY~

    • The Wither Blade
    Used for battle.

    • Shoot Wither Skull
    Right click with it to shoot wither skull.
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    Don't you left-click to shoot wither skulls?
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    Yes lol.
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    Is WITHER PVP still a thing?
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    Fujeh do you think I could be a Dev
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    Depends. (I don't make those decisions.)

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